For Jewelry

Store Lil Bling items in provided ziplock bags and packaging to reduce possibility of fading or tarnishing.  

For Nylon

If you find the need to clean your white or grey Lil Bling jewelry you can gently use a magic eraser on white areas as needed. Lay out to allow to dry.   3D printed nylon has a porous/matte-like finish similar to fabric as it is not stain resistant.  Treat your new Lil Bling like your new favorite pair of jeans.  Do not wear foundation or face powder.  

For Metal

Use mild jewelry cleaner with old toothbrush to gently clean away any metal tarnish.  Dry with paper towel. Do not use a polishing cloth as stains may transfer to lighter areas of nylon.

For Flower Crowns

Store Hudson Valley Flower Crowns  in original box away